WatchXO is a site for watch owners to showcase their watch collection in an organized way. It is interesting to see that watches being sold online are well organized and categorized. However, after people bought the watches, there is no similar tool available for the consumers. As the watch collection grows, it often becomes increasingly difficult for watch owners to organize and showcase all the watches. Some of my friends even store their expensive Rolexes in sealed food containers (they work great, don't get me wrong here) because they simply do not have enough room or watch cases to display them all. After thousands of dollars spent, those watches can only wait for the right moment to shine. Personally, I think those watches deserve a lot more exposure. It would be mutual beneficial for both watch owners and spectators to find a common place for watch showcasing.

When I first started collecting watches, I focused on antique pocket watches that are over a hundred years old. Originally, I just wanted to build a site that can showcase my watch collection, so I named the site WatchXO, namely Watch eXtra Old. Soon, I found that many of my friends also have similar needs but do not have the resources or time to start their own websites, so I decided to add additional functionalities to make this site available to everyone.

WatchXO provides a very detailed input panel for users to enter their watch information. By entering those details, not only you will realize the existence of different types of watches/features but you will also become more familiar with your watches. We even included a private note function so you can keep information that you do not want to share with the public (such as service records or personal memo) to yourself.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of watch sites that provide you with latest watches, trends or so-called insights for marketing purposes. WatchXO is about you, as a watch owner. Instead of other people showing what watches you need to have, this is your turn to showcase what you already have to the world.

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